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How does North Korea sell their own people to fund its dangerous regime? Shrouded in secrecy and notoriously cash-strapped the North Korean regime has resorted to running one of the world’s largest slaving operations - exploiting the profits to fulfill their own agenda. These bonded labourers can be found in Russia, China and dozens of other countries around the world - including EU member states. Featuring undercover footage and powerful testimonials, North Korea’s Secret Slaves: Dollar Heroes reveals the scale and brutality of the operation.


This film is one-part of the six-part WHY SLAVERY? Series

ZDF/ARTE, BBC Panorama (UK), KBS (Südkorea), DR (Dänemark), EO (Niederlande), CBC (Canada), NHK (Japan), NRK (Norwegen), SVT (Schweden), SRF, RTS (Schweiz), TVE (Spanien), ORF (Österreich), TG4 (Irland), YLE (Finnland), RUV (Island), ERR (Estland)


  • 2019 Golden Nymph Award at the Monte Carlo TV Festival for best Documentary

  • 2019 Nominated for the Grierson Award as Best Documentary Series with WhySlavery/Dollar Heroes​

  • 2019 Winner Best Documentary Feature at Deep Focus Film Festival New York

  • 2018 Nominated for the Best Curated Series Award by the International Documentary Association with WhySlavery/Dollar Heroes

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